Particle Size and Shape Analysis

Particle size and particle shape (image) analysis, the DIPA 2000 Particle Size Analyser measures the time of transition using laser diffraction, it is capable of measuring particle characterisation from 0.1 to 3600 microns.  



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A unique combination of technologies based on Laser Obscuration Time and sophisticated Dynamic Shape Analysis.

Accurate analysis and characterization of spherical, non-spherical and elongated   particles.

Simultaneous results of Particle Size, Concentration and Shape.

Modular design for a range of dry and wet applications.

Real-time visualization of the sample during operation.

Combined LASER and VIDEO channel


The concept DIPA 2000:


The best of both worlds:

Fast and accurate Particle Size analysis with unique Laser Obscuration technique.

Accurate description of non spherical materials with sophisticated Dynamic Image Analysis.

The measurement relates solely and directly to the particle size.

Results are independent of physical or optical properties of the particles or medium.





Particle size, shape and concentration 0.1 - 3600 µm.

Up to 10/9 particles/CC (for 1µ particles)

The presentation phases of the particle: Liquid borne, airborne, on a surface

The dimensions & of the system; weight: 665 mm x 280 mm x 183 mm, 14 Kg

Electricity: 100-130 V, 205-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 100 VA

Laser: 2mW HeNe, 632.8 NM, Silicon PIN Photodiode Detector.

0.33% of full scale, up to 0.2 µm.

Synchronized strobe light, adjustable intensity & duration, flash rate up to 30 frames/second

Video camera: High resolution B&W CCD camera, NTSC 640x840 pixel, PAL 768x572 pixel

Software: Windows XP operating system , automatic reporting, FDA 21 CFR 11 compliant.

Compliance to numerous ISO-Methods: Liquids, emulsions & opaque liquids, dry powders, fibers, magnetic particles, heated liquids, and aerosols.



Automatic liquid flow controller, powder disperser, powder feeder, temperature controller, aerosol controller.