Laboratory Robotics


The new AP3900 multi laboratory robot

carries out the total water analysis procedure,

including sample preparation – even when a

digestion step is needed. 


AP3900 Multi laboratory robot standard

configuration: Laboratory robot for water

analysis including sample preparation.

Modular concept. Basic version contains COD, total P, total N, Ammonium, Nitrate

and Nitrite.

  • Saves time and costs
  • Increases productivity and flexibility
  • Highest precision and accuracy due to automated procedures
  • Parallel execution of different samples and methods
  • Reliable by complete traceability of results

This unique product processes the critical parameters of COD, total P and total N in parallel

using our well established, pre-programmed cuvette tests. The control software ensures the optimal sequence for processing all samples to minimise total time to results through sample preparation, digestion of complex samples, waiting times and measurement. Additional samples can be added at any time, even when the sequence is running and the current status of the analysis is accessible any time with a simple mouse click. Rapid yet simple even untrained users are able to enter all necessary information to the system due to the easy-to-use software.


Ask us about our cost calculator allows you to quickly assess the ROI on this instrument, which can optimise efficiencies for as little as 30 samples per day.


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Download Hach AP3900 Brochure
DAIL Hach AP3900 Robotic Analyser.pdf
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Download HACH LCK Test Kits Range
DAIL Hach DR3900 & LCK Cuvette Tests.pdf
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