Automated Total Phosphorous / Total Nitrogen

GANIMEDE, the solution from Hach-Lange, is a complete system for serial analysis, with integrated sample digestion Fast, Simple and Efficient in its handling.


Due to the necessary sample preparation, the analysis of total phosphate and total nitrogen is expensive and labour intensive. Laboratories that analyse large numbers of samples for these parameters therefore require time-saving and inexpensive methods.


GANIMEDE consists of three components: the sample changer, the digestion and analysis unit, and the control unit. The digestion and analysis unit is available in separate versions for the determination of phosphate (orthophosphate and total phosphate) range 0.01 – 3.8 mg/L PO4-P and for the determination of TNь. Each version needs its own sample changer. The control unit can address either or both of the digestion and analysis units.


The compact system makes it possible to work flexibly at different measuring stations.  The cordless control unit communicates with one or both analysis units. Sample data is acquired via the barcode scanner or a PC and processed by the control unit.  The integrated high temperature digestor, with fast cooling feature, delivers precise and quick results. Even complex phosphate or nitrogen compounds are completely digested and processed in four to seven minutes; analogous to EN 1189 (phosphate) or ISO 11905-1 (nitrogen).


The Advantages:

  • Ganimede speeds up the analysis of total-P and TNь.
  • Patented fast digestion with a highly efficient digestion rate
  • Results in 4-7 minutes
  • Sampler with integrated stirrer function
  • Good particle toleration
  • Ready to use Reagents, prepackaged and quality tested chemicals - including disposal
  • Data transfer as ASCII file, or import into Excel
  • Portable Control Unit
  • Simple Handling


  • Laboratories: Contract analysis, monitoring of process water, wastewater, measurement campaigns
  • Sewage treatment plant: Progress monitoring, indirect discharger monitoring, nitrogen balance
  • Drinking water utilities: Surface water, drinking water monitoring, raw water conditioning

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Download Ganimede Brochure
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