The contrAA® atomic absorption spectrometers are the first and only commercially available instruments for HR-CS AAS and launch a new generation of instruments for AAS.

·   Just one light source for all elements 

·  Unique simultaneous background correction 

·  Sequential and simultaneous multi-element analysis

·  High sample throughput

·  Rapid readiness for measurement 

·  Easy to operate and robust 

·  New information content 

·  Impressive analytical performance

Xenon short-arc lamp 

·  Continuous source of radiation 

·  Optimum intensity throughout the complete wavelength range 

·  High flexibility: Each element and each line can be measured at any time 

·  Analysis of additional elements through evaluation of molecular absorption bands

Simultaneous background correction 

·  Without loss of real measurement time and sensitivity 

·  Complete correction of structured background using CCD detector

Unique resolution 

·  Interference is minimized through optimum line separation 


· Errors caused by the limits of the resolution in traditional line AAS can be avoided

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The ZEEnit ® Series. Decades of experience in the development of spectrometers, plus the most recent findings made in electronics, magnetic field technology and furnace design, have gone into the ZEEnit P series.

Third-generation magnetic field technology

The variable magnetic field strength up to 1.0 Tesla and the use of two different correction modes guarantee maximum sensitivity and optimum matching to any analytical problem. Expansion of the linear working range by means of the 3field technique, and a dynamic mode for automatic adaptation to varied element contents – the ZEEnit opens up unparalleled capabilities in Zeeman graphite furnace AAS.

Transverse-heated graphite furnace

The future-oriented furnace heating concept can cope with a variety of samples, including complex matrices and refractory elements, due to:

·    Uniform temperature all along the optical axis throughout the tube

·    Lower atomizing temperatures

·    Elimination of vapor inferences

·    Minimizing of memory effects

·    STPF concept


The ZEEnit series comprises the ZEEnit 650 P, a Zeeman AAS for graphite furnace and hydride techniques, and the ZEEnit 700 P, a compact tandem spectrometer for flame, hydride, HydrEA and graphite furnace techniques. Both instruments are designed to analyze liquid and solid samples in one single device.



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The novAA ® series represents a new generation of devices for the efficient use of background correction with deuterium hollow cathode lamp.


The series covered by flame AAS to the graphite furnace AAS techniques for all the complete range of fully automatic Einelement- and sequential multi-element analysis from.


·    8 lamp changer for maximum automation and sample throughput

·    Single and double beam mode

·    Highly intelligent evaluation and control software ASpect ® made method development and optimization easy - LS

·    Transverse-heated graphite furnace - for reduced matrix effects and a significant increase in accuracy ( novAA ® 400 P )

·    Integrated High-end Vision Tool for best observation and the drop storage and drying in the graphite tube (novAA ® 400 P)

·    Direct analysis of solid samples (novAA ® 400 P)

·    Manual and automatic solid sampler with integrated sample scale

·    Automated flame technology - for high precision and speed 

·    Flame Autosampler - maximum sample throughput and automated dilution

·    Software-controlled injection module "Segmented Flow Star" (SFS)

·    automatic burner cleaner "Scraper"

·    Self-check system

·    Integrated RFID unit to use coded lamps (novAA ® 400 P)


·    Integrated super lamp power supply for best analytical performance (novAA ® 400 P)



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