multi X® 2500

In environmental monitoring as well as in process and quality control, the determination of organic halogens which can be adsorbed by activated charcoal is very important for the evaluation of water and waste water. With the multi X® 2500, Analytik Jena provides a flexible, future-oriented system for sum parameter analysis that meets the requirements of every modern laboratory.


Thanks to the innovative double furnace technology and the proven gas lock for sample introduction multi X® 2500 is a completely new generation of AOX analyzers.

Double furnace technology

The innovative double furnace technology with tilting furnace combines the advantages of both the vertical and horizontal furnace into one analysis system. A design that sets standards.

High degree of operator convenience due to

·         Very easy handling

·         Plug-and-start technology

·         Significantly reduced maintenance work

·         Intelligent software package multiWin®

·         Fast changeover between batch and column method

·         User-friendly design ensures outstanding ease of use and efficiency

·         High sample throughput in the vertical and horizontal mode


The fully automated autoX samplers are available in a variety of versions and with different capacity.


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