Dublin Analytical Instruments Ltd  have, since 1989, specialised in automated Analytical Systems which provide efficient & cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of Environmental, Industrial , Pharmaceutical and Research Laboratories throughout Ireland.


Analytik Jena Analysers: Used worldwide by Environmental, Industrial , Pharmaceutical, Research, Petrochemical, Mining, Government and Private Testing Laboratories. 


Cordouan Technologies: Specialists in Nanoparticle Size Analysers, Zeta Potential, Image Analysers, Glow Discharge System for TEM Grids.   


Lachat FIA / IC Nutrient Analysers:  Used by Local Authorities,  EPA,  Universities,  Pharmaceutical & Private Testing Laboratories for analysis of drinking waters, effluents, seawaters and foodstuffs


Rigaku X-Ray Analysers:  Used by Petrochemical, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Animal Feed, Government and Private Testing Laboratories for detailed quantitive and qualitive elemental analysis.


Hach Ganimede TN & TP Analysers:  Used by Local Authorities, EPA, and Private Testing Laboratories for rapid digestion and analysis of wastewaters and drinking waters

(3 – 5 minutes/sample ).


DIPA 2000 Particle Size & Shape Analysers:  Used by the Pharmaceutical Industry to monitor the size and shape of active ingredients in suspension.